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Иностранным компаниям

We are not global or transnational company, we don’t have offices in 95 countries of the world. We work only in Russia and therefore we know everything about this country and how it works here. Like any market Russia has its own specifics and its own characteristics. Here are some of them:

  • Not all laws of this country are written to enforce them. Some are just to exist, because in other countries they exist.
  • Not all laws of this country are generally enforceable. Huge spaces and rather harsh climate on the most of the territory make it impossible to comply with all the rules.
  • Not all laws of this country need to be followed. Some are designed specifically for their violation and subsequent correction of violation.

Do you want to immerse in it yourself and learn everything on your own experience?? We do not recommend. An approximate development of events in this case is described here

We help find industry partners and organize logistics within product chains. On the basis of extensive experience in cooperation with trade companies, we provide services for the development of a distribution network and the conclusion of contracts with retailers. We ensure successful customs clearance of goods delivered to the Russian market and product certification in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


Why do you need us

You probably know how to sell and own different sales mechanisms but you don’t know what is possible and what is not here, in Russia
It is unlikely that that you will carry out all registration procedures independently
It is more profitable to find employees with us
It is definitely more profitable to find office space with us
Choose the right tax system for your business. Organize accounting and tax accounting
Agree with a reliable bank and open an account
Set up the calculation and payment of wages to Russian employees
Find business partners, local suppliers, customers

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