Staff management outsourcing

Кадровое делопроизводство
It is convenient and simple. We will do all this for you::

Current HR workflow:
  • Preparation of documents for applying for new employee
  • Keeping work books
  • Registration of transfers, wage changes, employment contract changes
  • Registration of sick leaves
  • Maintaining personnel list
  • Leave accounting
  • Registration of bonus payments
  • Preparation of documents for employee dismissal
  • Advice on application of Russian labor legislation
ЛLocal regulations (LR):
  • Development of missing LR
  • Updating existing LR in accordance with changes in legislation
  • Adjustment of existing LR in accordance with changes in HR policy
Labor conflicts/disputes:
  • Assessment of the consequences and development of options for solutions in the event of a labor dispute
  • Preparation of written responses to state authorities in case of inspections
  • Preparation of necessary documents to minimize/eliminate risks for the employer
  • Representation of interests of the employer in the state bodies

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