Human resources

Подбор персонала

In the search and selection of staff we use Internet and professional social networks, direct search aa well as headhunting.

The cost of our services does not exceed 20 % of the candidate’s annual income and when searching for top position candidates – no more than 22%. You pay only after the employment.

We carefully study the needs of the client in order to perform the task in appropriate way.

Our relationships are built on the principles of mutual trust and equality.

In the event the candidate does not pass the probation (trial) period (which is extremely rare in our work) we guarantee a one-time replacement within 3 months period from the date the candidate starts.

It can be difficult to choose one candidate from several successful finalists. In this case we can evaluate candidates using the ASESSMENT CENTER method. This method exists from World War 2 and is really objective.

The evaluation committee consists of several people, candidates are given same tasks in the form of presentations, business cases and business games, which shows all the features of candidate’s behavior and competencies. After the ASESSMENT CENTER the employer is much easier to make a decision and this method virtually eliminates the risk of the mistake.

In all circumstances we maintain honesty and clarity in dealing with candidates and clients. Honesty for us is the most important character in people.

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