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  • Advance payment
  • Salary
  • Remuneration under temporary contracts
  • Vacation pay, severance pay, compensations, sick leave payments,
  • Other taxes and fees

Preparation of all kinds of payroll reporting to non-budgetary funds.

Monthly preparation of financial statements

Monthly preparation of financial statements.Submission (to the head of the company) of financial information about the company's activities, income received and expenses incurred at the end of each month (cost file).

Work with all tax systems existing in the Russian Federation

Work with all tax systems existing in the Russian Federation. Accounting and tax accounting, preparation of accounting and tax reports, submission of reports to tax and other state authorities.

Budgeting for the next month

Budgeting for the next month. Presentation (to the head of the company) of the expenditure budget for the next month (or quarter) for planning the financial and economic activities of the Company (budgeting).

Accounting for property, liabilities and business transactions

Accounting for property, liabilities and business transactions, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash for all business transactions performed.

Preparation and execution of all payments in the Bank-client system

Preparation and execution of all payments in the Bank-client system, including salary calculations, calculation and transfer of taxes and fees to the budget, insurance contributions to state off-budget funds, payment of bills, settlements with counterparties.

Formation of accounting policy

Formation of accounting policy. Representing the interests of the Company in tax authorities and state extra-budgetary funds.

Confirmation of 0% tax rate to exporters. Recovery of accounting

Confirmation of 0% tax rate to exporters. Recovery of accounting.

Reimbursement of money

Reimbursement of money paid as temporary disability benefits to Social security Fund.


Service Employee Division Department
Full accounting support + + +
All payments in bank-client system + + +
Preparation and payment of wages 2 times a month + + +
Drawing up a plan of expenses for a month, year (budgeting)   + +
Preparation of a monthly report on transactions (cost file) with a breakdown of the main positions   + +
Registration of all labor relations, development of job descriptions and maintaining of staff management   + +
Legal support of company’s activities     +
Development and approval of all Local regulations, required in accordance with Russian legislation (Internal Labor Regulations, Regulation on Remuneration, Regulation on the Protection of the Personal Data, etc.)     +
Price per month: 60 006 ₽ 90 100 ₽ 120 200 ₽

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Department 2.0 – professional company that values your business, your time and successes that you have already achieved. We consider it inappropriate to maintain a large administrative staff at a time when all companies are cutting their costs and concentrating on core business. You can switch to us all work with counterparties on financial and administrative matters, having reached agreements on basic commercial issues.

We work 24/7

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Our team

Olga Shustrova

Olga Shustrova

Head of accounting

Graduated Moscow Institute of Management with a degree in Accounting and Audit. Specialized secondary education in Jurisprudence.

Work experience as chief accountant for over 8 years. Professional experience: foreign trade activities (export, import), production, wholesale, freight, expedition, construction. Knowledge of all tax systems, fluency in all accounting programs.

Knowledge of civil and labor law. Experience in successful passing tax audits. Successful confirmation of the rate of 0% to exporters. Successful accounting restoration experience. Regular participation in audits.

Drafting, development, examination of contracts, drafting and analysis of personnel documentation. Preparation of analytical tables for management accounting, experience in business planning and investment analysis.

Registration and liquidation of commercial and non-profit organizations. Reporting to the Ministry of Justice, Central Bank, FSRAR.

George Korablin

George Korablin

Head of legal service

Graduated from the International Law Institute under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in 1999 with a degree in civil law.

He went from a research fellow at the Russian Law Academy to the head of the Legal Service at the Alliance Group.

Today, he has more than 20 years of work in the field of corporate law and management in various organizations, experience in working with foreign companies in negotiating, developing individual contractual schemes, drafting and implementing contracts, working with enterprises in the

insolvency (bankruptcy) stage, debt collection, etc. Fluent in English.

Elena Yeremeeva

Elena Yeremeeva

Head of audit

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Management named after S. Ordzhonikidze in 1989, specializing in engineer-economist.

Numerous courses in finance and accounting.

Certified Auditor since 2000.

Over 20 years of successful work as chief accountant, daily management of the financial unit of a large group of companies, including: preparation and submission of all types of reports, fruitful work with Tax inspections, participation in the preparation of tender documents and organization of reporting on government contracts, economic settlement of contracts, financial planning, budgeting, foreign economic activity, audit of counterparties.

Fluent in Italian, basic knowledge of English.

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