Дмитрий Михайлов

Dmitry mikhaylov


Graduated from the International Law Institute with a degree in civil law. Second higher education at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Financial management.

His practice started at Attorneys at Law “Andrey Makarov and Alexander Tobak”. Headed the legal department at the company managing the Marriott hotels in Moscow. Worked as a head of Legal department of the Yukos R&D Center. After he started private legal practice which led to creation of «Department 2.0».

Fluent English, beginner at French.

Ольга Шустрова

Olga shustrova

Head of accounting

Graduated Moscow Institute of Management with a degree in Accounting and Audit. Specialized secondary education in Jurisprudence.

Work experience as chief accountant for over 8 years. Professional experience: foreign trade activities (export, import), production, wholesale, freight, expedition, construction. Knowledge of all tax systems, fluency in all accounting programs.

Knowledge of civil and labor law. Experience in successful passing tax audits. Successful confirmation of the rate of 0% to exporters. Successful accounting restoration experience. Regular participation in audits.

Drafting, development, examination of contracts, drafting and analysis of personnel documentation. Preparation of analytical tables for management accounting, experience in business planning and investment analysis.

Registration and liquidation of commercial and non-profit organizations. Reporting to the Ministry of Justice, Central Bank, FSRAR.

Георгий Кораблин

George korablin

Head of legal service

Graduated from the International Law Institute under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in 1999 with a degree in civil law.

He went from a research fellow at the Russian Law Academy to the head of the Legal Service at the Alliance Group.

Today, he has more than 20 years of work in the field of corporate law and management in various organizations, experience in working with foreign companies in negotiating, developing individual contractual schemes, drafting and implementing contracts, working with enterprises in the

insolvency (bankruptcy) stage, debt collection, etc. Fluent in English.

Елена Еремеева

Elena yeremeeva

Head of audit

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Management named after S. Ordzhonikidze in 1989, specializing in engineer-economist.

Numerous courses in finance and accounting.

Certified Auditor since 2000.

Over 20 years of successful work as chief accountant, daily management of the financial unit of a large group of companies, including: preparation and submission of all types of reports, fruitful work with Tax inspections, participation in the preparation of tender documents and organization of reporting on government contracts, economic settlement of contracts, financial planning, budgeting, foreign economic activity, audit of counterparties.

Fluent in Italian, basic knowledge of English.

Ирина Шумилова

Irina shumilova

Head of hr management

Graduate of the Russian Technical University named after D. Mendeleev. Additional education in Plekhanov Academy majoring in Personnel Management.

The first labor experience in the field of recruitment began at the international concern Saint-Gobain (SAINT-GOBAIN). It was then that

Irina’s account includes the selection of senior and middle managers for international and Russian companies in various fields (manufacturing companies, construction, industry, engineering companies and others). She has experience in regional selection, conducts interviews in English. Owns the method of personnel assessment by conducting the Assessment-Center and various interviewing techniques. Headhunting.

Closing vacancies: general managers, commercial directors, sales directors, sales managers, CFOs, financial managers, engineering and technical specialists, development managers, regional development managers, marketing directors and managers, HR directors and HR business partners, HR directors logistics and procurement, IT managers, department heads, etc.

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